HuH? Wazzat? Who goes there???

You thought it was dead and gone. Well, you weren't wholly wrong. I thought I'd post a comic that would tie things up, and officially say that I wasn't working on NQW or slacking off on it. There's a WHOLE lot more on the site, so check that out. I'll sum up: NQW is fun and great, but I want to try something else. Find new and current endeavors at http://www.rocketsrockout.com/ . So click on the comic to check out the post where I explain things, or go to http://www.rocketsrockout.com/ and see the new hotness.

Still, tell me what you think of this one. I think it looks awesome, but what about you? You guys are great, btw.

I'm debating posting about ROCKETS updates through this LJ. Any thoughts about that? Making it a source for all things Rosscott.

alrighty, later dudes.


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I thought I'd try a font instead of handwriting again. I like this font, off of Blambot like everyone else I guess. It's good and all, and worked for what I was trying to do. I think I like this joke better than the original. Especially the 'hold on, i gotta grin' line. Heh.

Anywho, it's true. New comic going up soon. It'll be great, and you'll see it soon enough. Just tune in here and the site, and you'll see.



I should stop bothering with posts such as 'wow, I havent updated in a while.'

Instead, I'm just going to launch back into what is going on. In comic news, the only news that matters, NQW remains on hiatus. This may seem silly to even point out, since I haven't updated in forever. The reason? There's a new comic in town, and it is getting unveiled later this weekend. Why not now, you ask? Because this comic is so huge, so awesome, that it needed it's own even t to coincide with it. What event, you may ask?

How about a little thing called Balticon? How about me speaking on some weebcomics panels, and hanging out at a table with Internet's own Jerry of Leftville? And hanging with all the other Washington Webtoonist peeps at the show? How about all that, plus Neil Gaiman at the same con? Yeah, that's right. I said it.

Here's the con info for me:
Find my table in Artist's Alley. (Saturday, Sunday, and maybe Monday)
Speaking on Webcomics 101 panel (Saturday @5pm)
Speaking on the Webcomics 202 panel (Sunday @5pm)

So stay tuned to this, and the site, and all that jazz for more info..

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Yeah, it's a new comic. Go figure! I think I'll have time to do another one Sunday night, so look for something new on Monday. I know saying that holds no stock at this point, but I'm just putting it out there ;).

Comic for 01-27

We're closing up January with more of Dudley acting creepy and TJ acting sane. TJ just doesn't know the pressures of trying to park a car in the city. Check the site for more info on the new update schedule. And as with the last few, check back a little later on to see it in color. I figure it was better to be put up for all to see and then color later than having to wait until later for anyone ot see it, just because I haven't had time to put it into color.

If you're reading this, feel free to leave a comment about it, or anything else. There's 22 of you (last count) reading this LJ post, so comment on it, pass it onto your friends, and share your lovely NQW experience with me and the rest of the world.



I went off of the stuff from Marvel, but I liked him better in grey. The secret to shadows is to break them up to make them more interesting. Spotted muscles. I don't know if it works that well, but it's good to play with colors like this. I'm learning!