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HuH? Wazzat? Who goes there???

You thought it was dead and gone. Well, you weren't wholly wrong. I thought I'd post a comic that would tie things up, and officially say that I wasn't working on NQW or slacking off on it. There's a WHOLE lot more on the site, so check that out. I'll sum up: NQW is fun and great, but I want to try something else. Find new and current endeavors at http://www.rocketsrockout.com/ . So click on the comic to check out the post where I explain things, or go to http://www.rocketsrockout.com/ and see the new hotness.

Still, tell me what you think of this one. I think it looks awesome, but what about you? You guys are great, btw.

I'm debating posting about ROCKETS updates through this LJ. Any thoughts about that? Making it a source for all things Rosscott.

alrighty, later dudes.

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