Jan 16, 2006

There's a new comic below, and if you click on it, you will be taken to the website which has some interesting news and info i'm not going to share here.

I will share here something about the new color process. It is something I started to pick up from working with a guy named Pop Mhan. I threshold the lines, and then put them on their own layer. I put the colors on a layer behind it, and don't care if I stay in the lines. Then a layer of highlights on top, and a layer of shadows on top too. They really make it pop. I love doing it this way, and I'm starting to craft the artwork towards it. I just wish the writing was better. That is what I really want to work on, as hard as that is for an artist to do. As a comic book type cartoon art whatever person, you aren't just a drawer. You are writer, director, camera guy, lighting, costuming, hell--EVERYTHING. To keep it all in mind can be too damn much. That's why I'm always on the lookout for someone willing to help. You interested? Say so.



mad props to Joe Dunn for linking to my comic in such a heartfelt fashion (bottom of the page). New comic will be up later today. Sorry for the wait, but colors take time. This SHOULD help answer all the questions about the last comic, or at least start to.


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While normally the kind of thing I don't post here, how did this skip me by?

Why post that here? Well, in a 6-degrees sort of way, it makes perfect sense. I draw my comic while listening to podcasts. Some I always catch are Coverville, Mac Geek Gab, Blank Label Comics Podcast, and (though I don't know why) Digital Strips. They played a song from this CD (Manah Manah by CAKE!?!?) on Coverville, so it was in my head. Do you listen to any or all of these, or is it just me?

Funny part of all this is I DONT EVEN OWN AN IPOD.


So I decided I should use this site for other nonsense than posting my comic. How selfish of me to just post MY comic. So here is a link to a comic done by one of my first webcomic acquaintances, Joe Dunn who also does Coffee Achievers, which is now in it's final chapter.



It's a new comic!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed our little 'time off'. I'm gonna be back to updating again, so start remembering to check back to NQW and this journal. So let's get the chatter going again! All of you who check this site! Tell me what you always tell me, that you didn't like the comic and wish JJ was back. New post Sunday night / Monday.